Taking on challenging roles, Jeronimo Henao

Jeronimo Henao takes on Hollywood

The very handsome and multitalented actor Jeronimo Henao is an exciting new star. He’s a magnificent actor of great training with an AFA in acting from the New York Film Academy, comedy and improv training from The Groundings, intro to theatre from the Teatro Nacional de Colombia, and much more. Jeronimo has starred in seven featured films with six of them being lead roles. He has also played roles in 10 different theatre productions like, Moulin Rouge, Grease, and Kiss of the Spider Woman. He has traveled to many exotic places and has experienced incredible things in his travels. He takes everything he learns, whether it’s his formal training; traveling; or simply from his everyday life experiences, and he applies that to his acting. Jeronimo has landed many important roles in his career. He always seems to master all the roles he plays because of his intelligence and love for his craft. Jeronimo is bilingual in English and Spanish, which allows him to play many different roles and be very authentic. Authenticity in his acting and an overwhelming amount of talent is what he clearly has. In march of 2015, Jeronimo has a horror film that is ready to shoot in Colombia, he’ll also be starring in the second season of Blackjacks, and finally he’ll be playing a role of another film with a character which we won’t expect him to be. Jeronimo is always open to knew roles, techniques, and locations. He loves starring in films, web series, and of course commercials. Jeronimo is expanding in his acting expertise and really going outside the box for some interesting roles. He plans to keep impressing audiences, auditioning for roles, and simply enjoying being an actor. All in all, he’s definitely the actor to look out for and watch him grow to be one of the best in Hollywood.