From Greenwich, England Actress Demi Mann

England's Demi Mann
England’s Demi Mann

One of the most talented actresses of Britain, the beautiful Demi Mann originally from Greenwich, England. Demi has always known she wanted to become an actress and has been performing in school plays since she was a little girl. She enjoyed coming up with ideas and stories, performing for her family at home, and she also enjoyed performing in school. She had a huge interest in cinema and movies. She begged her parents to take her to the movies, so she could admire and study actors while watching films. She was so smart and determined even at such a young age. Demi predicted her success and always aspired to be the best. Demi had a lot of inspiration while growing up, she looked up to Steven Spielberg, was very inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer, Sigourney Weaver, to name a few. Demi had received training at the prestigious John Roan Secondary School, which she studied drama and Shakespeare, in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, was coached by the unique methods of Bernard Hiller, and alongside the talented Ken Lerner. Demi has also mastered the art of improv and utilizes her strong instincts, natural talent, and strives to learn new things every day. She believes that everyday it’s possible to learn and add it on to her long list of talents and abilities, which is very well evident from her extensive performances.

Demi has been featured in a big Hollywood Project, Skyfall, working with award winning Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig. Demi has also starred in films including short film The Break Up, where she played the lead role, The Ritual Kidnap, where she also played the lead role, Superpowers, where she again played the lead role, TV commercials, plays including Romeo & Juliet, as of course Juliet. Her favorite role she has ever played was for a TV commercial for Australian Rules Football and of course Film Skyfall, where she learned a lot from Daniel Craig.

Her Theatre credits include ‘Odysseus & Penelope’, ‘Romeo & Juliet’, ‘Miss Julie’, The ‘Thumb Sucker’ and ‘Heatstroke’. This brilliant and accomplished artist has also appeared in commercials for Australian Rules Football and for BBC Television mobile on the go.

Demi is not only a great successful actress but also an exceptional dancer, horse rider, and excellent kick boxer. She has always aspired to be the best in everything she does, and never plans any move she makes. She simply follows her heart.