The magnificent work of actor Joseph Pharoah

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For over six years Joseph Pharoah has graced the acting community with his creative alacrity and professional demeanor. He is most recognized from his portrayal of Nathan in the UK feature length film Angels VS Bullies, which debuted nationwide and took British cinema by storm. He has also been applauded for his performances in the Australian national touring of The Avengers Sideshow Alley as The Mighty Thor, and his performance alongside Russell Brand in the London Olympics’ 2012 closing ceremony. Close to finishing his business degree, Joseph not only manages his own acting career but heads a successful promotions company that helps his fellow actors, and has completed a script which will serve as his directorial debut. Joseph’s tenacity, willingness to learn, and natural ability are only topped by his passion for the performing arts. In addition to acting, performing, promoting and forthcoming directing;

Joseph is an established model, dancer, and sportsman. He is capable of body popping, break-dancing, and locking while sporting a silver medal from the British Academy of Dramatic Combat in the “Single Sword, Rapier, and Dagger” category. Although he has been getting a plethora of casting requests in the United Kingdom, his eventual goal is to make his way in the United States, where he can work with big name action stars like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

One of the biggest highlights for Joe was he worked as a body double for The Matrix actor Hugo Weaving The role was playing a body double of the character Agent Smith for Hugo Weaving who has been in various films such as The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, V for Vendetta and Captain America. It was for a commercial shot in Sydney, Australia which aired in America. Joe got role the through an audition process and was picked due to his likeness of movement and characteristics towards the Agent Smith character.

Joe’s biggest piece of advice that he himself continues to follow is to work hard on improving your acting range, which he continues to do with one-on-one training, method acting, and personal research.