Sanah Aslam performing since an early age


Sanah Aslam is a multi talented actress who started performing even before she could walk. She was brought up in a lively culture of Bollywood, dancing, and music, which is something that she carries in her blood. She always enjoyed performing and being in the spotlight. It’s only natural that she would pursue a career of acting and performing. Sanah had her first professional performance at the age of 9. She started as a dancer, and danced at a place called FAD (Fitness and Dance). She also trained in jazz and cheerleading. She then entered in Raw Talent School Of Entertainment, where she took contemporary dance. Sanah then went to Monica’s Unlimited Dance Studio and continued contemporary dance, while picking up on hip hop dance. Sanah also took part in the IPOP which is the international presentations of performers in 2014.

While at IPOP, she worked on acting, character development, modeling, and scene acting. She has received so much training in acting, dancing, and performing throughout the years, which had made her an amazing artist. It has shaped her into a very talented individual that is already successful and has achieved so much. She speaks 3 languages fluently aside from English. She’s also a jewelry stylist, creative writer, narrator, and makeup artist to name a few. Sanah is an extraordinary artist that can take the industry by storm with her many talents. She can only keep succeeding and adding skills to her already long list of talents.