Inspired by the greats, actor Aditya Lohia

Aditya Lohia
Aditya Lohia

Nepal to Hollywood is not an everyday success story. Aditya Lohia has, however, made the journey with triumph. Although as a child he loved mimicking people to entertain others, it did not occur to him that would be his destiny. In fact, he enjoyed playing cricket that he was superb at but did not give him the chance to get to the top. Aditya’s love for acting resurfaced and was reinstated when he attended a summer workshop in the Philippines, and has never turned back ever since.

Aditya Lohia is a star performer in Los Angeles where he resides. He has starred in theatrical plays such as the Curious Savage, Escape from Happiness and Death of a Salesman. Additionally, he has featured in short films such as Angie’s Late Again, Greed, A Lonely Journey and Food for Friends. From these works, he got to work hand in hand with the industry’s major players such as Samantha Kelly and Laura Proenza.

Presently, Aditya is expecting to star in various upcoming films. Also, he is supposed to play an interesting character in a soon to be released web series. To no surprise, he has picked interest in TV shows and is already in the cast of a TV show that is in the works. There is so much more Aditya’s fans can expect from him as he continues to connect with Hollywood’s who is who and top performers.

Aditya Lohia hopes to co-star with Robert Deniro, an actor he has admired for a long time. His other role models include Titanic star Leonardo Dicaprio, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese. Apart from acting, Aditya plays field hockey, soccer, cricket and karate. He is also able to play the guitar and enjoys swimming. Besides, he can speak Hindi, Nepalese and American English fluently with a standard American accent. His diverse attributes prove his versatility, a critical requirement in the acting world. Also, he is a firm believer in hard work and patience while maneuvering the acting and performing world. About acting itself, Aditya says although it is difficult in the beginning, one derives happiness and reward as he or she grows.