The multi talented Alon Bentley

A man of many talents, Alon Bentley
A man of many talents, Alon Bentley

Born in England and currently planning a move to LA, Alon Bentley is a multi-tasking artist with several different aces in the hole when it comes to making an impression, especially a witty one. Musician, actor, screenwriter, director, producer, comedian, great father and name picker (his kids are Jaidon, Nirvana and Orion). Alon was the lead Singer of the band Last Stop China Town until 2009 and later embraced his acting and writing skills starring in several different projects for TV and cinema.

With his band, Alon released two albums from 2006 to 2009. After touring around Europe and the UK, he decided it was time to focus his skills on something else, after the release of the bands last album. Always related to a humorous approach, Alon’s creations would now take cinematic shape.

He wrote a screenplay for television; a sitcom inspired by his own experiences in a touring band.  The TV series Sex, Drugs & Veggie Spring Rolls, whose pilot aired this year in the UK, will see the first season airing next year. Alon is the screenwriter, casting director and also stars in the project.

He can also be seen in the shorts Ediots, written by Alon with his mate and collaborator Karl Harris and Trek, scheduled to be released next year.

As an actor, Alon has also been featured in big Hollywood projects, like Skyfall, working with Sam Mendes and Javier Bardem and Richard Curtis’ About Time, with Rachel McAdams. Alon is looking forward to working on new projects in Hollywood as well as producing and writing his own material.