One of Britain’s youngest treasures- Summer Kimpton Brown

Shining star- Summer Kimpton-Brown
Shining star- Summer Kimpton-Brown

At the age of 9, the British Summer Kimpton-Brown is a star being born. While traveling in a car once she listened to an advert for Celebrity Talent Academy on the radio, who were looking for young and fresh talent to perform in films and television. Summer immediately convinced her mother to call the agency. Even though Summer was too young to get into films and TV, her mother didn’t object since her daughter had already exhibited talents through performing different musicals in theaters all over London, including Annie at South Hill Park Theatre. 13 The Musical at Camberly Theatre, Les Mis at The Robeson Theatre, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at The Shaw Theatre, Mary Popping at The Cockpit Theatre, and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at The Tabard Theatre, all of which are in London.

It wasn’t long before Summer got called in for an audition at the Academy and did a commercial on camera. Her confidence immediately manifested when she said her lines without needing the paper. This completed, she later attended the Celebrity Talent Academy and traveled to America for more advanced learning, where she particularly enjoyed the experience of emotion training.

While in America, she got introduced to different acting agents through Talent INC, and was signed in New York and LA to work on various projects. As for her upcoming projects, she is looking forward to a TV series called The Good Guys Club, which is in pre-production and scheduled to air in 2015 where she plays the part of Heather McMillian and acts alongside her sister.

Summer is inspired by Angelina Jolie for the versatile roles she’s played, especially adoring her for her performance as Maleficent in the movie of the same name. Summer also gets inspiration from fellow child star and Kick-Ass actress Chloe Grace Moretz. Above all, Summer is indebted to her mother who has been supporting her daughter ever since she got into acting.