Emer Kinsella Scores for Radio Play Princess Vukobrankovics. ‘The Three Lives of Elisabeth Thury’

radioplay 2

Composer and violinist Emer Kinsella creates a powerfully moving score for the radio play based on the life and work of Elisabeth Thury. Thury was a woman of revolution and influence; an outspoken journalist of vision who stood for the rights of women and died in a concentration camp in WWII. Susanne Ayoub brings Thury’s important story to life in a way that reaches everyone.

Ayoub’s vision of Thury’s life, underpinned by Kinsella’s unforgettable score, is an outstanding collaboration co-produced by ORF Austrian Broadcasting Corporation and Deutschlandfunk Germany radio. Ayoub is the recipient of the 2014 Dr. Karl Renner Publicity Prize in the radio category. Kinsella’s originality and unique talents breathe life into the journalist’s story, creating an accessible experience of tragedy, triumph, and legacy. The story speaks to women worldwide, yet transcends gender and shows Thury to be a legendary figure.

In radio, the lack of visual information invites the audience to interpret a story in unique, personal, and interesting ways. The score is especially vital to story, characters, and mood when the storytelling is strictly audible. The music becomes a character in itself. In this play, the score’s emotions become Thury’s emotions.

Born in Baghdad in 1956, Susanne Ayoub is a journalist, writer, and filmmaker known mainly for her internationally successful crime novels. Her novels are often based on the real lives of women. She stands as an advocate for women’s rights and issues around the world.

Emer Kinsella is one of the few women who have made their mark as a composer. Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, her life as a musician began at the tender age of two and a half when she picked up her first violin. She studied in Berlin, London, and Vienna. Her work has been described as mysterious, layered, and haunting. She has created scores for numerous award-winning films, and infuses each one with captivating imagination and character. World travel and insatiable curiosity inform her talent and works, and she absorbs inspiration with open relish.