Talented Australian actor and performer Harrison Bradley

Aussie Entertainer Harrison Bradley
Aussie Entertainer Harrison Bradley

To say that Australian actor and performer Harrison Bradley is a precocious kid is an understatement. The 14 year old is simply a bolt of talent and eagerness all put into his work since a very young age. As skills and gifts do not choose any particular age, they simply flourish very fast into performers like Harrison Bradley.

Although also motivated by his parents, this young star always showed an independent interest and motivation to be the multi-skilled actor and performer he has become today.  Alongside his dramatic acting skills which he is constantly improving, he is also trained for Inline Hockey, Knee Boarding, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, horse riding, as well as performing the best card tricks on stage, singing, dancing, and playing guitar. All of this set of abilities helps Harrison to achive his primary goal which has always been to cheer people up under  any circumstance, and he improves himself along the way to be always ready for this task.


Harrison Bradley, started his career when he was 5 years old auditioning for a part on the Saturday Disney’s miniseries, Page in Time, which was being filmed in Sovereign Hill, Australia. This young dynamite got the job and from that time on, he just kept pursuing the fun of being on set and working towards being a part of the entertainment industry.

Some of his main inspirations are artists who also have a keen aim to make people laugh, like Robin Williams and Jim Carrey. Harrison would incorporates their lessons to develop a unique style of his own and strives simply to be as authentic as possible when it comes to entertaining and performaning. Since his first work with Disney, he has been involved with several acting projects that include performing at live events, stage plays, and film.

The Performer and The Creator

As keen as he is to act, Harrison Bradley also wants to be in charge of what he is going to perform. Recently he pursued this wish and started to write his own monologues and scenes. He would be part of the prestigious iPOP event, the International Presentation of Performers set in Los Angeles, where he won 4 awards, including the award for First runner up of Best Child Actor of the Year. Since then he was even invited by iPOP to talk and inspire other young actors in Australia about performing, and acting. The next goal for Harrison is to stay in LA for the pilot filming season where he will strive to pursue new stages of his career.