Professional Dancer Emily Yuen, towards the future

Emily Yuen
Emily Yuen

Emily Yuen has been a creative spirit since a young age, realizing her passion for dance and performance at age 10. Yuen has completed training at renowned institutes to advance her skills, and talents, whilst ensuring that she follows her passions.

Yuen realises that finding your strengths is the key to success. She explains that they are not always the first ones that you think you have – but you have to search for them. After you find your niche, Yuen says you have to always remember that it is worth making sacrifices for, even if that means moving across the globe.

Emily’s inspirations came from her roots, her first teacher who introduced her to the world of competitive dancing – Glenn Dumbrell. She tells that he had a strong vision and commitment to the art form, with a far more unique and open-minded perspective to other dance teachers she had met before. Yuen tells that he gave her the confidence and means by which to professionally pursue her dance career.

However, her inspirations also lie in the world famous Cirque du Soleil, their work providing a whole new perspective on the level of skill and emotional impact that dance is capable of.

Right now, Yuen is focusing on her move to America; where she will further, and I’m sure, successfully pursue her dancing and performance career. Although her life is bringing her to dance, she hopes to one day go back to focusing on fashion, her second passion in life.