Italian musician and bombshell Violetta Gaetani

Violetta Gaetani and her band Afraid of my neighbor
Violetta Gaetani and her band Afraid of my neighbor

From the idyllic fields of Tuscany to the fiery Los Angeles’ nights, the Italian musician Violetta Gaetani has been carving her way to music since a very young age and the party seems to just get started. Right now living, working, teaching and of course, performing in several venues in Hollywood, Violetta takes her love for music really serious and embraces all levels of the task with the same passion, from her late night performances with her own band to her vocal teaching classes.

Musical Environment

Violetta was born actually in Rome, but her family has established a life in the Tuscany region. While she used to have a very complacent and calm life during her childhood and early teens, the irony seemed almost poetic that Violetta would become such a fierce and bursting performer coming from such a paradisiacal place. When she was eighteen, her interests towards having a musical career became a goal, but she was building some boundaries for that decision during her early years as her father, Filippo Gaetani, ran a music studio at their place and was often exposing Violetta to many influences. Her appeal for hard rock and commercial pop-rock tunes would be settled by her most beloved influences, like Foo Fighters, Paramore and 30 Seconds To Mars, to quote a few.

During this time, Violetta also developed a lot her musical skills, thats when she decided a bigger scenario was waiting for her in America.