Richard Stables keeping audiences glued to their seats!

Richard Stables has Hollywood talking
Richard Stables has Hollywood talking

Richard Stables is an award winning Australian/British actor. He started acting at 19 years of age.  He enrolled at KAFF theatre in Perth where he says his training was mainly Stanislavski based. He later continued this method of training at the ‘Arts Educational Schools London’ for 3 years. Richard has featured in several movies, television series, commercials and even gone on to win several awards including the ‘The Crystal Bear Award for Best Short Film in the Generation Kplus category at the Berlin International Film Festival 2011 (61st Berlinale).

He says he loved the method guys of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, actors like Brando, De Niro, Pacino, Duvall,Gena Rowlands, Ellen Burstyn. He also found British actors inspiring for different reasons, actors like Laurence Oliver, Gary Oldman, Daniel Day Lewis, Ralph Fiennes, Judi Dench and Anthony Hopkins.

His advice to aspiring performers is to keep training. Even when you are working, always go back to class and continue to learn and explore. Also, Film and some television is wonderful, but he says to keep going back to the theatre to keep working that muscle. “There is nothing better than a live performance. That’s when you are truly in the moment.” When he was about 19 years old he saw an English actor named Danny Webb play Hamlet in an English Touring Company production of ‘Hamlet’ in Perth where he grew up, and he says he knew that it was time. “All I wanted was to be on that stage doing what he was doing.

I had to just jump in and do it” That is the power of a live performance! His favorite role to play so far is Nikita from Leo Tolstoy’s, ‘The Power of Darkness’, which he played on stage during his final year at drama school in London. His ideal co-star would be Gena Rowlands who he says he is a big fan of “She’s so wild, dangerous and unpredictable. I would love to work off that. It’s very sexy”. He is currently working on a feature film with Greg Blakey who they recently collaborated with on ‘Wedgetail’.