The Many Faces of Morgan James

Introducing the very talented Morgan James
Introducing the very talented Morgan James

Restless would be the best word to define the actor, singer, writer and theater practitioner Morgan James, who has been active in several art fields in the last 20 years in the UK and US. James has worked in a wide range of projects, including theater, cinema, television and music. His passions are many and so is his aim to create so many different kinds of artistic expressions. Today he is an important regular collaborator on several BBC productions as he is the main voice broadcasting the WATCH channel live. But that is not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the talent of this British multi media artist.

Morgan has grown up in Aberdare, where he showed interest in acting very young playing on a local drama company. He started his career for real at the age of 9 on the BBC production “The Citadel”, an adaptation of the A.J. classic novel for television. From that time on he started to take his interest in drama more seriously even at such a young age.

In 1992, he moved to London where he studied Drama and American History at the Brunel University and got more engaged with acting, specially on theater, doing great plays like Women Beware Women, The Witch Of Edmonton, Richard III, The Devil Inside Him and F***** Men, from the Tony-Award winner playwright Joe De Pietro, a great success in London that ran for over 7 months at the Kings Head Theater.

Apart from the success with theater, James didn’t ditch the television at all. Through the years he has been a current face in BBC productions, most notably during the ’00s with hit series like “Being Human”, where he played a wicked gimp villain wearing a rubber catsuit, or the tele film Wanted.

It was an easy jump from television to cinema when James started to apply for many independent production in the UK. He has been notably seen in online projects like the web anthology for cinema The Red Zone, or the fiction-fantasy production The Object. Morgan also was the voice of Steven Seagal as a character in the animation The Ghost of Sam Peckinpah.

Very fond on singing, Morgan excels his performance with beautiful, sophisticated music. He even was on the run playing and singing for big audiences in the World Tour of Riverdance and is about to release an album sooner. His wide range of talents was more than enough to turn art into corporate practices as he also engaged lately in the theater practitioner in Los Angeles. As it seems, the British talent of Morgan James is just excelling himself as the years go by and much more is surely coming.