Performer Profile: Phill Stark

Living an exciting life, Phill Stark
Living an exciting life, Phill Stark

The world of entertainment has some brilliant performers and one such amazing artist is Phill Stark from the Gold Coast, Australia. He is highly versatile as an actor, producer, circus / stunt performer along with being an entertainment rigger and has been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade. This accomplished artist got into performing at very young age.  He went to high school in Ballarat where he started his performing career doing theatre shows and working in 1850s theme park Sovereign Hill as well as starting his own circus performing business doing street shows festivals and children’s parties.

His passion for movies is evident from the fact that he is inspired by every movie which he watches. He has trained his body for circus and stunt work in both ground work and aerial work. Also he holds an advanced rigging and stunt rigging certificate and has advanced has a scuba diving license, car, bike and boat license along with certificate 3 in live production show technician. All this simply shows how he strives to refine his skills and how dedicated he is to his profession.

He has performed in many shows and attractions working at different theme parks from performing children’s shows like SpongeBob square pants, the wiggles, Shrek and Madagascar to working with sudden impact on scarier shows like nightmare on Elm Street, Saw and alien vs Predator. Phill has also written, produced and choreographed a number of his own circus and kung fu panda stunt shows there.  His expertise in circus got him involved in launching the new circus company Gorilla circus in London.

This successful performer is a graded stunt performer and advanced rigger for both circus and stunts in Australia and has travelled to various countries training and performing with some of the best in the industry. Presently he is working in one of the world’s largest live action stunt shows in China. He has been a part of live family shows like Madagascar live, Kung Fu Training academy, Wiggles and many more.

He considers himself lucky to have been a part of a lot of great productions but he worked hard on performing his own shows. While he was working at Dreamworld, (a family theme park on the gold coast) he wrote and produced a number of live shows. His ideal project would be working in a big budget movie like “Marvel” or “Pirates of the Caribbean”. For the aspiring performers this hardworking and accomplished professional gives advice of following your dreams and never giving up.