Australia’s got talent! Introducing Kate Petersen

The fit and talented Kate Petersen
The fit and talented Kate Petersen

There are some people who know right from a very tender age what they want to be. One such artist is Kate Petersen who began gymnastics at the age of three. Yes you heard it right, at the age of three! Kate was in elite training for nine years and she placed first position in the team nationals in 2007. At just the age of twelve Kate was scouted at a gymnastics competition and asked to join the circus. Since then, she has been training and performing in the circus for ten years now. Performing throughout Australia with the Trix Circus and the Super Performance Centre Kate has done many different corporate events as well as shows. She was also the Performance Coordinator for the past six years.

When Kate was sixteen she took to ice-skating as a hobby and once again was scouted during a public session to train in the elite group for the Gold Coast. This amazing athlete won the Gold Coast Championships three years running and stood second at the Nationals.

In 2009 Kate finished school and her career took off. Kate performed in numerous shows including Sea World’s Pirates Unleashed, Movie World Fright Nights, Dream world Zombie Evolution and Daydream circus, Fire Twirling live shows, Ice Skating Cabarets and corporate circus work.

During those last 4 years she also got involved in stunt training to enhance her skills and recently was graded into the Australian stunt union as a stunt performer. Kate went to Hollywood to network and do various stunt courses and training earlier this year and ended up being offered a job from a Hollywood director in a water stunt show in China.

Kate is currently performing in China loving it and hopes to continue to do live show contracts and eventually work her way into the film business. For this fearsome athlete, anything is possible.