French actor in Hollywood- Sebastien Cipolla!

The handsome and brilliant actor Sebastien Cipolla
The handsome and brilliant actor Sebastien Cipolla

Sebastian Cipolla is a French actor and performer who was born in the Lille region but spent most of his childhood in the Paris, Lyon and Montpellier. He was a talented child with a huge passion for performing arts and at a young age he started performing on stage and gained immense popularity in the school and college he studied in. Sebastian spent about 2 years in Montpellier where he worked as a model and dancer but this young man had decided that he would not settle for less and his only aim in life was to make a name for himself in the limelight.

He changed his life by traveling around the world, exploring different places until he reached Australia in the year 2009. It was a totally different experience for Sebastian and he learned a great deal while living there and started taking proper English language classes and continued his studies in business management and marketing fields with intentions of building up a unique business.

He approached some modeling agencies once he completed his studies and he quickly signed with the MCTV Agency for modeling and acting. After gaining immense popularity as a model he started getting offers for many television commercials and even short films. Sebastian met with one of the highly acclaimed film directors Pierre Jeunet who convinced him to leave modeling and venture into the world of acting. He enrolled himself in NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts), in Sydney which is one of the most prestigious dramatic institutes in Australia. Sebastian decided to move to the USA after gaining immense popularity in theatre. He is currently furthering his skills at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Hollywood, where he is capturing the attention of many industry heavyweights. During his time in US, Sebastian appeared in many short films and also appeared in reality shows.

This handsome French actor has all of Hollywood watching!