The Amazingly Talented Kapri Dabrowska

Kapri Dabrowska
Kapri Dabrowska

Music is truly called the melody of life. Even for people who are not associated with music, this seems to be a wonderful way to relax and leave all your worries behind. So it can be well imagined what role music would play in the life of singers and songwriters. They seem to live and breathe music. One such fine example is the Polish musician Kapri who is known for singing lead vocals in the pop-punk band Side Effect. Her hunger for music took her to the exciting world of LA wowing audiences with her stage performances. It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that this talented musician knew right from her early childhood days that singing was what she wanted to do.

On seeing her love for music and keenness to perform she was put into vocal classes and further into music school by her mother. The list of inspirations of this versatile musician is endless and it includes names like Guns n’ Roses, Spice Girls, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, P.O.D., Queen, and Nirvana. Pop-punk music began to inspire this amazing musician after her graduation and is hugely inspired by Sum-41, Blink-182, Green Day, Sugarcult, Less Than Jake and more. She is also greatly inspired by Butch Walker.

When it comes to writing music, Kapri writes all types of genres but pop-punk is where her heart lies and something that makes her most comfortable. That is the reason for the band Side Effect. So who are the members of this sensational band? Well there is Kapri Dabrowska (vocals), Hisako Ozawa and Jimmy Luther (guitars), Jim Shaw on bass and John McLucas on drums. This five piece pop-punk band are doing big things in LA and are astounding audiences all over with their electrifying performances. So if pop-punk music is your taste then this band will have you rocking!

One of Kapri’s favorite performances was the Battle of the Bands for Rock on the Rage semi-finals. This peppy musician believes in team work, understands the demands of the music industry and is all geared up for so many more exciting performances through her hard work and determination.

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