Josh Saks In “Deadline Gallipoli”

The Incredibly Talented Josh Saks
The Incredibly Talented Josh Saks

Australian actors are known for their great talent and hardworking attitude.  Josh Saks, one of the stars of the upcoming Foxtel mini-series Deadline Gallipoli, has both in spades. Saks believes in a methodical approach to acting, and judging by his serious demeanor, one could be forgiven for thinking his talents lay only in the arena of drama. In truth, Josh’s love for performance hails from watching vintage British comedies such as Monty Python and Blackadder with his Dad. “Like many kids” Josh says, “my hero was my Dad. When he roamed around the living room imitating [John] Cleese’s Ministry for Silly Walks I was right on his toes doing the same”. That upbringing made him a natural choice to take the leading roles in the Oscar Wilde play’s The Importance of Being Earnest and An Ideal Husband for which he was much celebrated.

Josh revels in the challenge of roles that showcase his versatility. He is naturally drawn to larger than life characters, yet at the same time, finds himself searching out and choosing more subtle and nuanced roles. “It’s great fun going out and performing some outrageous Johnny Depp style character, but I’ve found myself gravitating toward performances that require a more hidden energy”. This approach creates a dynamism and mystery in his work that centers him as one of the more innovative and captivating actors working today.

The most outstanding example of Josh’s rare talent is on display in the International award winning film Face to Face. Josh portrays the simple, yet principled character of Barry Mc Clean with an incredible depth of emotion that elevates the Michael Rymer adapted screenplay to new heights. All eyes will be on Josh when Deadline Gallipoli hits TV screens next year in what will no doubt be his finest performance to date.

Written by: Nadia Harrison