Heartthrob Actor Anthony Ilott

British Heartthrob- Actor Anthony Ilott
British Heartthrob- Actor Anthony Ilott

There are very few people who are open to learning throughout their lives. This ability of theirs makes them super successful in their respective fields. One such brilliant performer is the British actor Anthon Ilott. He got into performing at a young age through his involvement in a theatre group which would put on small productions. As he began singing and playing guitar his interest in entertainment simply grew. While he was studying Performing Arts in college his passion for acting increased and he began auditioning for drama schools in London. This dedicated actor secured a place in the prominent “Guildford School of Acting” in which he was provided with a full scholarship. With such impressive and superb training there was just no looking back for Anthony.

He draws inspirations from many performers in the entertainment industry. He admires the works of Tom Hanks, Leonardo Di Caprio, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Robert De Niro, Robert Downey Jr and most recently Andrew Garfield. He has done short films, concerts, television, theatre and workshops. His short films cover names like “My Brother: The Tennis Umpire” and the feature film “Wrong Turn 6”,  His theatre credits include  “Adam” (Children of Eden – Stephen Schwartz) at the Ivy Arts Centre and “Fred/Ghost of Present” (A Christmas Carol – Alan Menken) at the Tabard Theatre in Chiswick. He thoroughly enjoyed being part of “Wrong Turn 6” for (20th Century Fox). He is amongst those actors who respects as well as appreciates the talents of other people.

Presently Anthony is working on a television pilot which has some really impressive characters. For him the ideal projects would be something like “Cast Away” or “Forest Gump”. He completely adores psychological thrillers and hence feels projects like “Shutter Island” as a great example. Apart from this, he loves comedy and would like to work in this area of acting too. For the future, he wishes to stay focused on improving himself as an actor and is a firm believer in always learning more. He wishes to continue performing in film and television and would like to be a regular on a television series in the US or the UK. For Anthony, the script matters a lot and he believes in giving the best of his efforts through every character he portrays.

For the aspiring actors, Anthony advises the qualities like persistence and patience as he strongly believes in hard work. For the entertainment industry he suggests a business approach that would require taking risks, being level headed and enjoying it at the same time. He is multi talented and is skilled in many forms of dance, musical instruments and other activities. So it is not a surprise that this fantastically versatile actor gives such great performances. This is one actor with a big future in the world of showbiz!