Reconnective Healer Marco Alati
Reconnective Healer Marco Alati

“Reconnective Healing is Life Progress – Have it!”. This is the new motto of, The Reconnection, a leader in the energy healthcare. This energy healing modality is bringing incredible results to the world. As Facebook and Youtube have gone viral in spreading these miracles happening through these transformational frequencies, the Youtube videos of Marco Nunzio Alati, Reconnective healing practitioner and one the 120 Mentors of The Reconnection in the world, caught all of our attention.

Marco explained to us that he used to be a complete left-brainer. Marco has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Biotechnology from the University of Milan, Italy. He was certain to become a successful researcher until he stumbled upon The Reconnection. Now, Marco has found something quite unique in the scientific community as well as the healing world. This discovery allows him to use his left brain while staying in contact with science, and his curious nature to explore new and different possibilities in today’s healthcare.

Marco Nunzio Alati defines Reconnective Healing as a wide spectrum of frequencies that allow our cells to vibrate in a more coherent and harmonious way, bringing about a quantum leap in the amount of biophotonic light that our tissues are able to emit and receive. There are currently more than 2,000 independent studies that support this new form of healing, and over 100,000 people trained in this healing all over the globe.

Marco has dedicated the past four years to The Reconnection, and he is now one of the key mentors in The Reconnection. He is licensed to certify potential practitioners as The Reconnection-Certified Practitioners, and he is one of only two Mentors in Italy, coaching hundreds new practitioners on the technical aspect and the practice management of this work every year. Marco is a charismatic and knowledgeable figure in the new leading form of healthcare. We plan to keep an eye on Marco Nunzio Alati, this new and promising practitioner of healthcare. To be certainly continued…