Mexico’s Talented Actor Alberto Lacayo Zarate


Alberto Lacayo Zarate
Alberto Lacayo Zarate

Passion means a lot to some people and it is this very passion that makes them extremely successful in their respective fields. One field in which passion is easily seen along with the hard work is none other than the entertainment industry. Whenever any actor/actress gives out a stunning performance then it simply shows how passionate they are about performing. One such highly talented, super successful and gifted actor is Mexican actor Alberto Lacayo Zarate. His interest in acting seems to be driven by the curiosity towards human behaviour. Besides, he is also interested in philosophy and considers acting as a way to understand more about people. For a person with such deep thinking it is not surprising that Alberto has achieved so much success in acting. He has explored acting through mediums like film and theatre. He has appeared in the short films ‘After the End’ and ‘Swing Chair’. Aside from  this, his theatre credits comprise of ‘Hairspray’, ‘Brotherly love’, ‘Human Remains’ and ‘Zombies Rule’.

For Alberto, acting was not  something which came as a later decision in life as he got into performing at the age of three. This shows his early inclination towards this field. He has studied the Stanislavski’s system, method acting, and Checov and Meisner technique. This accomplished artist finds inspiration in the works of Magdalena Zarate, Sean Penn and Marion Cotillard. Alberto’s passion towards acting and the ability to take help from it to understand people makes him so successful.

He considers working on ‘MIRA: Protocol as his personal  favorite  production to be part of, which was directed by his friend, Antonio Chavez Trejo. Besides acting in this production, he was also the script supervisor. Presently he is working on the development of an original web series and is involved in all aspects such as writing, producing and of course, acting. For Alberto, an ideal project just doesn’t mean a perfect role but he also places emphasis on the passion of the team members and ability of the character to shape the story. For upcoming times he is also independently working on a TV series and for this the idea is something which he has had since his school days.

Alberto has also featured in a couple of commercials and is trained in text analysis, comedy and improvisation, scene study, monologues, voice, singing and stage combat. This super talented actor  also has a very musical background, in dancing and playing several instruments. Alberto’s versatility is evident from his various skills which is evident in his awesome performances.