Brian Carroll- A Passionate, Talented And Hard Working Actor

Actor Brian Carroll
Actor Brian Carroll

There are some people who get into their profession at an unimaginable age and soar ahead to provide great performances. One such actor is Brian Carroll who is from Ireland (Dublin). He got into performing ever since he was in Primary school at the age of five where he attended the speech and drama classes for seven years till completing Primary school. He performed in various plays, but it was in the year 2010 that he decided to head to Los Angeles to continue his journey of performing.

He considers his speech and drama teacher Ms Marie Coll, as his biggest inspiration and he feels she had belief in his potential, aside from his biggest acting inspirations being Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. His personal favorite roles are that of a CIA agent in the short film Perception and playing an LAPD officer in D-Dot Ft Xzibit, music video Revolution and a role in the short film Maternal Instinct.

As far as his training is concerned he has a rich list of training. This includes his early speech and drama classes in Lacken National Primary School as mentioned, then he further attended Acting Corps School in North Hollywood, California and here, he learned the Meisner & Chekhov technique and at this theatre he also performed in several plays. Moreover he also went to Theatre of arts Acting School, (two years Associate Degree) in Hollywood where he learned the Meisner & Chekhov techniques, Stage Combat, Classical Scene Study and Fencing. His education involves a Bachelor of Arts Business Management from Dublin Business School University.

His performances are spread across varied areas of entertainment such as feature films, short films, music videos, and theatre. He has also appeared in commercials. He has given many performances as lead, principal, co-starring and supporting roles. The list includes, A Lucid Dream, Perception, Stockholm Syndrome, Maternal Instinct, Carpe Diem, Life, Clash, Revanche, Copafel, Call of Revolution, Dodge and Burn and more. This also means that he has worked with a lot of heavy hitters in the industry.

This dedicated performer feels one should never give up and considers Jim Parsons as his ideal co-star and would also love to play Sheldon’s brother on The Big Bang Theory. Presently, he has a feature film entitled, Turpitude lined up in which he will be playing the role of a Las Vegas Police Officer. Besides drama and acting, his special skills include soccer, snooker, swimming, tennis and speaking in many different accents that help to secure many roles he auditions for. This is one good looking and talented young Irish guy with the entertainment world at his feet.

Brian Carroll deserves all the success in the world!