Irish Superstar Lauren White- Songwriter And Composer For The A-Listers!

Songwriter and Composer Lauren White
Songwriter and Composer Lauren White

Lauren White is a singer, songwriter, composer and producer from Dublin, Ireland. Question is, how did this shy girl from Ireland get into the world of performing and writing? Well, it was her mother who sent her to a renowned stage and music school in Dublin where she danced, sang and studied music and drama.

During her teens, she took up learning musical instruments and writing songs. This all led to breaking her shyness when she realized performing and writing was what she wanted to do and it was her mother who was her motivating force. She began learning piano and singing classically by the age of six, and then joined a marching band and traveled the world all before the age of 16.

She studied music in school and graduated at the top of her class with an excellence in music award from St Paul’s in Dublin and received a scholarship for Berklee in Boston. Lauren decided to stay in her native land and train to become a music and Irish teacher. Following that, she entered songs into the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland for the next seven years and went on to study in Ireland’s infamous music academy; Ballyfermot Rock School, where she developed her gift of songwriting, music arrangement and production. Past students include successful singer/songwriters Damien Dempsey and Wallis Bird.

Lauren has also been a featured writer and ghost writer on some Eurovision songs for Malta, Azerbaijan and in Ireland. Most recently releasing Fire by Zoe Alexis into the charts and attracted much attention from One Direction heartthrob Niall Horan and a sea of fans, which led them to trend in Australia and Asia. She has also written songs for TV, film, radio and even some major music superstars too. At the time, Lauren got involved in ghost writing for some extra money, but she also managed to get connected with people in the industry who gave her a chance, even though she didn’t get writing credit. Lauren’s writing has been compared to that of Delores O’ Riordan from the hit group The Cranberries, to U2, Bob Dylan and Freddie Mercury. Lauren is ranked as one of Ireland’s top songwriters and commissioned to work on TV shows and jingles for the National Broadcaster RTE. She plays several instruments including clarinet, saxophone, guitar, drums, bodhran (Irish drum), whistle and has studied classical music

With this all being said, Lauren White is one of those performers who will instantly capture your attention and keep you drawn to her performance and writing skills from beginning to end. She has the ability to write in every genre, and her songs fit the artist’s who perform them.

As for the future, she wishes to focus on music for television and films and believes in always training to become the best at your craft in whatever field you are in. She would love to work closely with music supervisors of hit US shows and write music specifically for shows such as Orange is the New Black and new shows in pre- production.