Nazli K Lou In ‘Parts Of Disease’ And ‘For The Birds’

Nazli K Lou making a difference through her work
Nazli K Lou making a difference through her work

There are people who are known to spread social messages through their work, aiming to create awareness of important issues facing our society. An actress named Nazli Khodabandeh Lou is one of those people. A prolific international actress, Nazli aims to select projects with meaningful messages that can change the way people see the world.

A film with a very important message that Nazli has been very proud to work on is For the Birds, directed by Tara Atashgah. For the Birds has received numerous awards, and has been very well received by international audiences. The film won the Best Short Film award at the Cleveland Film Festival, as well as at the Spokane Film Festival, and at the World of Women Cinema Festival. Atashgah won the Best Female Director of a Short Film award at the Directors Guild of America Awards. The film also racked up nominations from even more film festivals, including Cannes, Montreal, Rome, Sedona, Vancouver, the Hollywood Reel Festival, the Newport Beach Film Festival, New Filmmakers LA Film Festival, Bend, Cinequest, and Denmark.

For the Birds is an unrelenting, heartbreaking movie that is based on a true story. In Iran, a sixteen-year-old girl was publicly stoned to death when she was discovered to be “having an affair” with a fifty-one year old married man. The film takes a hard look at the practice of juvenile executions, which still happens in parts of the world, and is a culturally sensitive topic. It’s a film with a message that is very close to her heart, which is why Nazli was so motivated to become involved with this movie. She is very proud of her association with the production, and looks forward to the conversations that are sure to come forth as a result of people having seen the movie.

Nazli also starred in another film with a very important message: Parts of Disease, which takes a look at the lingering impact of terrorism, years after 9-11. The film was screened at the Pan African Film Festival, and has received rave reviews. In the movie, Nazli portrays a woman who suspects that her husband may be involved in a terrorist group, and chooses to work with the FBI in helping to trap him.

Being realistic, and having self-trust are two very important things to Nazli, which is why those two movies with their respective messages became projects she absolutely had to get involved with. For the Birds and Parts of Disease are about the various ways one can speak out, or do something, to change what may be an old or mistaken tradition steeped in years of culture or religion. It’s about staying true to yourself, and being as authentic as you can be. Those are the messages Nazli wanted to deliver in those movies, and she has succeeded admirably.