One talented performer- Lucia Estevao Lopes

Lucia Estevao Lopes
Lucia Estevao Lopes

Actress and Performer, Lucia Estevao Lopes was born in Portugal. Since a very young age she had remained a viable part of theatrics and the television industry, not only as an actress, but also as a director, singer and producer. She has received huge appreciation from critics and  audiences worldwide, as well as working behind the camera. Her schooling took place in her native, Portugal, where she was admitted to the “Professional School of Theatre of Cascais” in Acting. She majored thrice, firstly from Theatre of Arts (Rio de Janeiro- Brazil), she also attained with an internship from the School Superior of Music and Arts of Spectacle (Porto) and the Conservatory (Lisbon).Finally in Harold Washington College (Chicago) and LACC (Los Angeles).

She started her career at a very tender age, but young never meant incapable for Lucia, as she always had the charisma to turn stones into clay. Her role as Juliet in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” gave her, her much expected break.

Burn your Saints, Layla Moon and Alan and Janet are the three short films in which she played the roles of  Lucia, Cortnee and Mary respectively. In total, her short films remained successful in sending out the desired messages, while at the same time, the films transpired Lucia’s career in a lot of many positive ways.

Even Disneyland did not remain untouched with Lucia’s fairytale tad. She offered her voice to the very famous Bella in H20, a Disney series directed by Collin Buds. Thus, making an irreplaceable place for herself in the hearts of million kids. But this wasn’t the end for this dynamo of talent, Lucia has made her way through acting in some very popular television series like sweet strawberries, The big Family, American, Stretch Line. She also endorsed the commercials represented by Lagence an international agency. Currently residing in LA, the city of lights and angels, this international star is fast becoming a stunning success in the acting world. We can’t wait to see Lucia in her next project, which is sure to be amazing.