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For models, actors, and dancers that are just starting out on their journey to stardom, it can be incredibly difficult to get anywhere without someone in your corner. You need a professional, someone who knows the industry, and can give you the leg up that so many people need. The creative arts are often considered to be a ‘closed industry’, which means that only those already inside can help others become a part of it. That role used to be played by the agent – but no longer. Now can offer you everything that an old school agent used to offer, and so much more. With the option to join with a free version or premium membership, offers entertainment industry listings all on the one site, saving you hours of scanning through thousands of websites, one by one.

The features of the website are absolutely extraordinary. You can create your own profile, and therefore make it much easier for head hunters and talent scouts to find you. You can create mailing lists for clients that love your work, updating them about your current point in your career, and you can use one of the genius tools to create the perfect resume based on your work so far. There are over twenty five thousand industry contacts that will be made available to you, which means that you have all of the information that you need, right at your fingertips. With a few clicks, this website can create an amazing headshot for you, and then send it to tons of industry specialists, without you worrying about postage and the post office losing it.

Soon, it will become impossible to remember exactly how the modeling, acting, and dancing industries even worked without this revolutionary website. Now is the time to start investing in your career, and as this website is completely free, anyone who decided not to take this chance with both hands would be missing out. Can you afford to miss out?