Actress Profile: The talented Nana Ponceleon

The dynamic Nana Ponceleon
The dynamic Nana Ponceleon

John Green once said, “Do the thing you’re good at. Not many people are lucky enough to be so good at something.”However, what if someone is good at many things. Yes, if someone cycles daily, is fluent in Spanish, has training in Bikram Yoga, is exceptional at bowling, practices salsa dance and is brilliant when it comes to kick boxing. One must be bewildered by what actually is the profession of the individual among the given faculties. Well, this is the biggest catch. The profession of the individual is acting and she is outstanding in this genre too. We are talking about none other than the famous and the extra ordinarily talented Nana Ponceleon. This was all about her personal traits. Well, let us have a closer look at her professional achievements.

This brown-eyed diva has done a lot of theatre that signifies the importance and passion of acting in her life. Some of her popular theatre shows are August: Osage County, The Insane Root, Paper Bell, A Bright Room Called Day and The House of Bernarda Alba.This is what Melissa Maxwell, director of The House of Bernarda Alba had to say: “This play is a well-known, critically acclaimed classic. It is also a very complex play that demands a lot from its actors. Nana played the lead character, Bernarda, a grizzled, bitter woman twice the age of Nana. The character requires an actor with gravitas who can command the stage. Nana did both and more. She was able to show Bernarda’s hard edges as well as give us a glimmer of what was behind her callous public persona.”

Nana Ponceleon’s performances in theatres really spoke volumes about her talent and temperament.These theatre performances won her the attention of many directors who are interested in working with this talented and inspiring actress, as everybody realized the potential she has.

Nana has really nothing more to prove and she is on a path of success. Looking at her present endeavours, one can be absolutely sure of the bliss that waits for her in the near future.