Singing sensation Steinunn Osk

Singer Steinunn Osk Photo by: Juvicsa Vela
Singer Steinunn Osk
Photo by: Juvicsa Vela

Steinunn Osk Axelsdottir is a singer from Iceland who although grew up in theatre, has managed to make music her profession. This beautiful singer writes many impeccable bluesy tunes  and loves performing  hard rock. She has released an album which is quite different  and  is considered new age rock inspired by Depeche Mode, Devin Towsend, SigurRos and Portishead  and of course, mother nature herself. As far as music goes, she is highly inspired by the likes of Metallica, Silverchair and Portishead and draws great inspiration from her parents.

In Los Angeles, Steinunn attended the prestigious Musicians Institute of Contemporary Music  and received an  Associate of Arts Degree in performance (vocals), Tónlistarskóli Félags Íslenskra Hljómlistamanna (F.Í.H. Music School) – Reykjavík, Iceland  as well as receiving training in classical music from Söngskólinn í Reykjavík (The Reykjavik Academy of Vocal Arts) – Reykjavík, Iceland.

Steinunn has had some amazing experience in music and performing in various gigs around LA and counts one of her personal favorites  as being a Halloween gig in which she dressed up as Lady Gaga (the skeleton costume which she had on in the ‘Born This Way’ video). She aspires to work with Alice Cooper and absolutely loves and admires his music. Her current band members are Anel Orantes Pedrero (bass, background vocals), Jazzlyn Rose (keyboards, songwriter, producer), Steinunn Ósk Axelsdóttir (lead vocals, lyricist (and vocal melodies)), Kirsche Day Messenger (background vocals) and Alec De Kervor (guitar). David Kirsh (songwriter, lyricist, guitar), Thomas Plumb (drums) were her former band members.

This is one talented and worldly performer with the world at her feet on her way to becoming a global superstar!