The Charismatic Swell Soubra in Hollywood

Ex Swiss Banker Swell Soubra
The Swiss Actor Swell Soubra

There are very few bankers that are such good actors, but Swell Soubra seems to be the exception to prove the rule. After financial success in the economy, Swell Soubra has now moved to the silver screen, and is wowing audiences with his deep performances, from all genres.

The film Lost Angels really challenged Swell Soubra’s musical talents, as he was required to sing within it. However, he had the trusted guidance of director Stan Harrington by his side, and the creative collaboration between the two men is wonderful to watch. But that is not the only acting challenge that Swell Soubra has been facing recently. He has also filmed a movie in French (yes, he can speak more than one language) called Sjtrijikatzch. Don’t worry about pronouncing it, but it may be a rather difficult film to watch. Swell Soubra plays a rapist who is mentally unstable, a very uncomfortable role to settle yourself into.

But thankfully for Swell Soubra, there is occasionally some light relief. One film that offered him a bit more to laugh about was Hunting Games, a parody of the incredibly successful franchise Hunger Games. There was a large cast, which led to a lot of fun for him and everyone else on set. It is always vital for an actor of such talents like Swell Soubra to be able to stretch himself in all genre directions, and this film gave him the chance to cement his techniques in playing – and not over-playing – comedy. The film also had some tender moments, which Swell Soubra has admitted forced him outside of his comfort zone, making him reveal some shyness and vulnerability.

There doesn’t seem to be anything that Swell Soubra can’t do, and many people are excited about what he will do next.