Introducing Hayley Gilbert!

Britain's Hayley Gilbert
Britain’s Hayley Gilbert

Hayley Gilbert, the name needs no introduction. Her gorgeous face and her glimmering smile completes Hayley’s successful profile. From Cinemas to theaters, music albums to Sitcoms, she has conquered every inch in entertainment.

“You reap what you love” under Los productions, is just one of the movies which shows the efficiency and the dedication she holds for her work. Her other work includes the very popular silver screen movies like Strange little girl and Over drive. She became a household name once she landed the golden platform of Sitcoms. She has also played essential parts in four popular series, on television. “Who killed lady Goo Goo?” in this series she played the popular character of Rachel while in the other series, “Trail and retribution” She played Laura.  Her performances remained incredulously good irrespective of the stage she held. She has showcased herself delightfully even in the theaters. She has under her strides some extremely popular theatrical performances, In Our Time, The Murder game, Teechers, Love labours Lost, likewise.

Throughout her career, she had remained faithful to the music industry by giving some classy and highly appreciated music pieces, “Cave painting Rio” being one such hit under her steps, brought back life  to the world. Every great star has to churn numerous stones before getting the genuine taste of triumph, our protagonist being no different, had put a lot of toil to win over the critics’ appreciation. Hayley has also received training at some well-known institutes including: The Rep college , Redroofs Theater School and the Meisner technique from Joanne Baron/DW Brown. To keep her enviable figure, Hayley puts in extra hours with cycling and jogging.

She is undoubtedly a superstar!