An Ambitious Actress – Jade Oremus

Jade Oremus
Jade Oremus

Australian beauty, Jade Oremus is a trained performing artist and dance lover who has worked throughout her career in theater, TV and movies. Jade attended the highly praised Mcdonald College of the Performing Arts, Sydney with a grant in acting. She has climbed her way to the top in various movies and network shows including Big Sky, Home and Away, Water Rats, All Saints, Snobs, See How They Run, Love My Way and Flatchat. Jade additionally holds a college degree in the Psychology field and graduated with merits with a degree in Law at Sydney’s Macquarie University before moving to the US. Jade currently attends acting at Renegades Theater and Film Group in Hollywood under the direction of Emmy winning performing artist and commended acting mentor Chick Vennera.

As a child, Jade contemplated different types of moves including traditional balance artistry, hip hop, jazz, and Irish dancing for which she happened to accomplish at a global and national level. In spite of the fact of gaining such achievements and accomplishments as a dancer, Jade constantly kept her passion and adoration for acting and was honored an acting grant at the impressive Mcdonald College of the Performing Arts.

Jade has created a strong vocation in TV throughout Australia, showing up in various colossally effective, honor winning shows, including: Snobs, Big Sky and Look How They Run, and the well known popular Aussie soap, Home and Away amongst others. Furthermore, Jade has been involved in incalculable stage presentations including The Present, Pan, Thirty -Three, That Old Chestnut, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Last Night at Ballyhoo, Anna Karenina and Blackrock in both leading and supporting roles.

Her execution in these creations were commended by fault finders:

(Blackrock) “The champion is newcomer Jade Oremus who, was bringing such vulnerability to the character of Cherie and tends to be compulsive to watch”- Sun Herald.

(The Last Night inside Ballyhoo) “She is phenomenal as Sunny, skillfully cutting out a complete and charming individual out of character which can frequently appear one dimensional.” – Daily Telegraph

(The Present) “Oremus brings a radiant freshness as the adolescent Savannah and makes an invited expansion to cast.” – Revolver Magazine.

Jade moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and has already featured in two movies; The Comedian and Shang which have accepted global praise at film celebrations across the nation including winning the high status Short Sweet Film Festival of Ohio.