The talented and passionate Katie Elizabeth

The charming and beautiful Katie Elizabeth
The charming and beautiful Katie Elizabeth

When any famous actor or actress looks back over their fabulous lives, there is always a moment in their childhood when they realized that they could really do what they love for a living – and there is always a moment of doubt. It is then that they need the encouragement that helped them to believe in themselves, and for Katie Elizabeth, it was her mother. She supported her daughter to join the acting company Stagecoach at the age of seven, and from then, Katie was hooked.

Katie readily acknowledges the power that her mother has had over her life, and calls her ‘the biggest inspiration to me’. The encouragement that she was given as a child to follow her dream has meant that Katie has gone on to study performing at university on a scholarship, and won the lead roles in many short films. But Katie’s favorite role was not behind a camera, but on a stage. She played Ruby in Stripped, a live theatre piece that demanded three months of training in pole dancing in order for her to give the performance of her life. It was also the role that pushed her boundaries the most, something that Katie is keen to do throughout her career.

But Katie is not just a one trick pony – her next big venture is a film that she is producing and directing. She has a love of the entire process that creates a film, and is relishing the chance to spend some time the other side of the camera. A project that she would love to get involved in would be to work with Leonardo Di Caprio. Katie admires not only his superb acting, but also his flexibility to produce and direct like she does.

Hopefully that project will not be too far away but until then Katie is having too much fun to worry!