Sydney’s own shining star Chantelle James

Sydney, Australia's Chantelle James
Sydney, Australia’s Chantelle James

Some people are born to be big. They simply excel in their field right from the time when it is too early to decide what we really want to become. One such talented actress and writer is Chantelle James. Born in Sydney, Australia, Chantelle got into performing at the unbelievable age of five. It all happened when she started putting plays and performances together for parents along with teaching kids choreography. This landed her in acting and dance classes.

She attended the Actors Centre Australia drama school. This talented actress considers Cate Blanchett as one of her many inspirations. She has appeared in many films and theatre productions, also. She moved to Los Angeles and took improv classes at Upright Citizens Brigade. She has developed a liking for comedy and hence the creation of ‘Strange LA’.  So what is ‘Strange LA’? It is a new web series which is about a news program named ‘Strange LA’. This is about reporting news which actually isn’t much about news. Starring in this series are Jonathan Cherry, the gorgeous Alexandra Grossi, Dasha Flyn, Julie Birke, Natalie Burtney, Phillipe Day, Tia Moeller and Jeneffa Soldatic. ‘Strange LA’ is directed by Jonas Kord. This series is a sketch comedy and involves making fun of the way people live in Los Angeles. So when will this series be released?Well, it s all set to release on June.

This actress who absolutely digs comedy, considers the comedy superstars Will Ferrell or Leslie Mann as her ideal co-stars.The character Brigitte which she plays in ‘Strange LA’ is her personal favorite. Ever since she has moved to the LA, Chantelle has appeared in short films named ‘Proper Strangers’ which was directed by Stephanie Wolf. Aside from this, she has also done a hilarious video film clip named ‘Soft Shell Crab and da Meatballs ‘. She has also worked in the TV series ‘Killer Kids’ directed by Ralph Greco and the webseries ‘Bond James Bond’. This is one Aussie girl with a huge future and passion for her craft!

This actress who is said to have the grace of Natalie Portman along with Zooey’s goofiness has dreams of owning a production company and creating her own work.