Corinne Davies – a star with superb skills and passion

Actress Corinne Davies on stage
Actress Corinne Davies on stage

Corinne Davies is one of the most popular stars of her time. Since a very early age, Corinne gravitated towards acting and wanted to pursue it as a career. After completing her schooling, she graduated from NIDA, also known as the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. During her graduation she was a part of several projects including Big Love, The Return, Summer Shadows and many more. Davies passion for acting established her as one of the best actresses in the industry and she received a lot of recognition. Her beauty not only attracted the audiences but her acting made a significant impact on people, also. This is how she rose to a high position and acclaimed the popularity she has to today.

Corinne Davies career in theater

Davies not only was a part of the film industry but she actively participated in the theater as well.  Some of the more popular plays she starred in were: The Seven Ages of Joyce, Falstaff, When Dad Married Fury, Her Holiness, Maj Monologues, The Sound of Music and many more. In the field of theater, Corinne established herself even more as a world class talent and gained many more fans. Every play she acted in were a huge success and people loved the way she portrayed every character. Davies was a part of several plays and this is how she was able to show her acting abilities and impress audiences.

Outstanding career

As Corinne was passionate about her acting, she completed her graduation in the dramatic arts. Her acting skills won her several awards. In the year 2011, she was awarded The Peoples Choice Award and in the year 2014 she won the Scholarship for the Dame Joan Sutherland Foundation. There is no doubt that Davies enjoyed a great career and that is why she was very popular among the audiences. Even her fan following was quite huge and she quickly became very popular.

Davies also tried her luck in the field of music and was pretty successful as well. Apart from this, she has also starred in some television shows which were highly admired. In short, you can say that Corinne tried her hand in every field and was successful in all of them. Whether it is the films or the theater, she received a lot of fame and appreciation from audiences all over the world.

This is one unstoppable Aussie actress!