Stunning Actress Marissa Wynne- Looks and talent!


Marissa Wynne stars in the Australian episode of Modern Family
Marissa Wynne stars in the Australian episode of Modern Family

Philosophers have said that after the darkest phase of night comes the dawn and this philosopher’s platitude stands tall for Marissa Wynne. This star has dealt with a lot of difficulties and has shrugged off many disappointments to reach her level of success. Her inspirational story starts from the Gold Coast in Australia where she was born and raised. It was here where she acquired the famous never say die spirit of the Australian people.

As a teenager, she started trying her hand in the field of acting and performing. At the fragile age of 16, she had already starred in a guest role in the famous AFI award winning series Mortified, where her role was noticed in the show. Two years later, she was admitted to the prestigious Queensland University of Technology into the BFA acting course.  This was a dream come true for Marissa. She was just eighteen when she joined the Queensland University of Technology and hence was the youngest girl in the BFA course. It was here that she discovered her panache in the genre of comedy. She was very  interested in continuous improvisation. After finishing the course, she moved out to Sydney where she starred in many commercials. She also featured on the famous series Deadly Women in a guest appearance.

Jim Carrey is one of Marissa’s favorite actors and she would love to star in a role similar to “Liar Liar.” Her training at the prestigious Queensland University of Technology was based on the Eric Morris technique. She is still using these same techniques in many of the webisodes she has been involved with, also.

Then came one of the big moments of her life when she was chosen to play the guest role of Erica in the famous TV series “Modern Family.” This was the Australian episode of the series and her role was widely appreciated.  It wasa big break for Marissa and the very opening she was looking for.

Her sheer perseverance and belief in her work has given Marissa the ability along with her unique comedic  timing to land her among the marquee players of the entertainment  industry.