Bulgarian actor- George Asenov

Actor George Asenov
Actor George Asenov

Bulgarian acting sensation George Asenov is taking Hollywood by storm. After graduating from the famous Bulgarian institute known as the “National Academy of Theater and Film Art” in Sofia, Bulgaria, George began landing roles in major theatrical productions across the country.

After starring in “The Zoo Story” by American playwright Edward Albee, George landed several other leading roles in productions, including:

“The Gods” directed by GaroAshikyan and written by AlekoKonstantinov, “Cloud Heaven” directed by BogdanPetkanin, and the film “Keep Walking.” George also guest-starred on Ivan Yurukov and LubomirKovachev’s hit television series “ZabranenaLubov” (‘Forbidden Love’), which is broadcast nationally on Bulgaria’s ‘Nova TV’.The show made George Asenov a household name.

George’s performance in renowned Bulgarian film icon GeorgiKaloyanchev’s last production was a major hit. After finding great success in Bulgaria, George decided it was time to see what Hollywood had to offer. He was accepted into the prestigious Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles where he completed an intensive two-year acting program.

In the U.S., George showed his international appeal, landing starring roles in productions of “Waiting for Lefty” directed by Oscar& Emmy winner Milton Justice, as well as “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo” and “Glengarry Glen Ross.” George starred as Harry Fatt, the union leader, in the production of “Waiting for Lefty,” a play that examines themes of unionized labor and communismduring the Great Depression. An antagonizing force in the production, George’s character Harry is responsible for causing union members to be blacklisted after they challenge his authority. George was a standout in the cast, and was widely credited with making the show a great success.

While George Asenov enjoys his status as an established actor, he always looks toward growth for the future.  He hopes to produce some of his own original work in the near future. This is one internationally known actor to watch out for on the world stage!