‘Freedom Dance’ starring Lucinda Jubb


Lucinda Jubb stars in Freedom Dance as the lead role of Susan
Lucinda Jubb stars in Freedom Dance as the lead role of Susan

When it comes to drama and entertainment, then what better plot  than suspense? Yes, you are right; we are talking about the Alan Brown directed “Freedom Dance”, a gripping tale of a girl and her journey from the quiet life to the bad world of gangsters.

Filmed in London in 2012, this ninety minute drama features Lucinda Jubb in the lead role of Susan, Sally Davis in the  lead role of Jane and also features Frank Scantori, Tom O’ Shay, James Harrison, Julia Van Ellis and Pater  Dean. This drama is about Jane and her story of how she finds herself in the world of con men when her father is kidnapped for stealing the money from his boss, who by the way is also a gangster. The drama unfolds with her stepping into the world of crime for getting the stolen sum back. From the visuals of Jane’s entry to the club, her plight on seeing her father in miserable condition, Freedom Dance explores the severe human side, which are voracity, deceitfulness and vengeance. Lucinda Jubb’s character Susan, befriends Jane (Sally Davis) taking on a parallel of her character. The film has a twist in it leaving audiences wondering who is to blame in the end.

The director considers this drama as an exploration to understand the strong emotions like untrustworthiness and though built on a small budget, he considers the dialogues and settings as the real stealers of this one with writing done in David Mamet style. The director has also explored how innocent people in the world are considered and taken for a ride by the vicious ones. The drama will surely keep the audience wondering how things just are not how they seem to be and who actually uses whom. Alan Brown in certain manner thinks Freedom Dance as a sequel to Diamond Ice’d. The director feels this drama in the end is about vengeance.

As far as Alan Brown is considered he has given some really amazing stuff in the form of ‘The Minnitts of Anabeg’. It has bagged the Best Screenplay Award in the year 2010 at the Ireland International Film Festival, this one has audiences in the USA as well as Ireland, and it’s screening is done in both the USA and the UK. His other works include ‘Diamond Iced’, York Entertainment, which is a sales company based in Los Angeles, has taken this one, and ‘Illusion’ is his work that is finished. Apart from this, he has also done stuff for the television, a one-hour documentary Sugarplum. Not to forget ’36 Hours’, which was his debut short film and this, was chosen at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005.

Audiences can expect to see Freedom Dance in theatres sometime in the near future!