Salme Geransar- One talented actress!

Actress, Salme Geransar
Actress, Salme Geransar

“Fortune favors the brave”, this saying goes well with a star who slowly but surely is climbing the ladder. Yes, here we are talking about none other than Salme Geransar. Salme Geransar gave up her biotechnology degree in between to pursue her acting career. This diva, Iranian by birth, came to Australia when she was only four years old, along with her family. She acquired a finesse in piano, by the age of seven.

She got her first major break in the police drama series “Rush”, as a lead guest role. Working alongside veterans of the calibre of Catherine McClements and Rodger Corser really helped her fine tune her acting skills. In the series, she portrayed the character of an Afghan interpreter. For this role, she also had to learn a Persian dialect. Her Iranian origins really made her an apt choice for this kind of a role.

Her role model and source of inspiration has always been her mother, who has immensely helped her in shaping her career and taught her the importance of hard work, grit and determination. With Salme, it has always been hard work. In school, she was the brightest girl. As aforementioned, she was a child prodigy when it comes to piano. She can speak Farsi as well as Spanish. Being in the outdoors of the central coast has put that outdoor fighting spirit in her. She is also a trained boxer and kick boxer. Her dance moves can really set the stage on fire.

In her acting career the role which she got her critical acclaim, was that of an Iranian woman in the movie “Wish”. In this movie, she is facing immigration issues and to come out of it, she decides to marry an Australian man, whom she met online. However, how life takes a U-turn after the marriage is the real deal. Her role in this movie has directors talking and she is ready to jump in with the heavyweights of Hollywood now.