The great photographer Mathilde Bresson

Photographer, Mathilde Bresson
Photographer, Mathilde Bresson

This gorgeous photographer was born in La Seyne Sur mer, France.  She was a very talented child, having those great artistic skills made her stand out amongst children her age. Mathilde loved taking pictures, and the output used to reflect her creative mind. She was full of curiosity which boomed her creativity and as she grew up Mathilde started working on her photographic skills. 

The greatest Christmas present of her life was a DSLR that was given to her in 2010 marking the start of her career in photography. On the verge of having a good understanding about the use of the camera, she developed a deep passion for photography. Mathilde started with working on her family and friends, doing fashion photography and experiencing new things everyday. She went on to learn the internal settings of the DSLR and was amazed to see the technicalities which increased her interest in this field and she began her career as a professional photographer.

Mathilde Bresson is self taught and a self made personality, she learned all the skills from her experience while taking instructions from books and videos online which gave her good exposure in this field. She completed  some courses for technical adjustments and a studio for retouching and photography. Her biggest inspirations in life were Sarah Fafet, Mathieu Galfre and David la Chapelle because of their crazy ideas and the beauty that reflects in their photography due to their inspiring highly creative ideas.

Ms. Bresson has worked on many projects amongst which was the campaign for a jewelry and clothing brand, working with a huge crew of makeup artists, creative hair dressers and a model in France. It was the best experience of her life and she loved working with such an amazing team where they shared their creative ideas and being surrounded by artists.