Rudy Vermorel: Filmmaker

Filmmaker, Rudy Vermorel
Filmmaker, Rudy Vermorel

What makes someone a true filmmaker? Is it experience? Knowledge? Education? Many people would argue that to be a truly great filmmaker, a person must have one thing that cannot be taught or bought or earned: the passion and love of the job.

Rudy Vermorel, who spent his childhood traveling from France to Costa Rica to Panama, knew he wanted to direct films from his early childhood. He loved to watch music videos and other video clips where editing was apparent. His earliest thoughts about editing film came from watching his favorite music videos on TV; from there, he continued to dream and study and research filmmaking in the hopes of one day creating a career out of his passion.

When he was only a teenager, he began to direct his first films–which were music videos for local bands and musicians who hired him to create videos. This early work jumpstarted his career and even gave him additional experience in how editing works; it was also essential to his decision to really pursue a career in film after graduation. After high school, he earned a degree in Communications and then moved to London in order to take advantage of opportunities there that would further his career.

Since 2010, Vermorel has worked on a number of different film editing and directing projects. These include, but are not limited to: music videos, commercials, TV spots, and similar film projects. To Vermorel, editing is more than just a job: it is a passion. Each commercial, each video, each directing or editing job is a chance to showcase and hone his skills in filming, directing and editing. The work and imagination that goes into directing and editing videos takes true dedication, talent and experience—something which Vermorel, who is finally pursuing his passion, has in spades.