Anne Sophie Niego: Profile


Actress Anne-Sophie Niego
Actress Anne-Sophie Niego

Talent nurtured and guided by some of the best known professionals in the industry, Anne-Sophie Niego is one of the most beautiful fresh faces in town. This French actress is known for her exceptional acting skills, her comedic timing, that mesmerizing French accent and stunning good looks. This brown eyed young lady was first noted for her talent by the renowned French ballet Star Max Bozzoni. Today, she is a well-known face who has acted in many screen productions including Claude Charbol’s ‘Comedy of Power’ and ‘Enfin Veuve’, where she appeared alongside the likes of Isabelle Huppert and Michele Laroque, two of France’s most famous and revered actresses, as well as ‘Suit and Tie’, directed by Eeshaan Roy in the U.S. American audiences will get to know Anne-Sophie upon the release of the dramatic feature ‘Leila’ directed by Alain Villeneuve, where Anne-Sophie plays one of the leading roles. Right now, she is working in Alvaro Ortega’s ‘The Absence’ and is all set to make her American presence even more powerful.

When she was only 5, the renowned ballet instructor and dancer Max Bozzoni recognized her amazing talent in ballet dancing, and trained her extensively through her childhood. Though Anne-Sophie was a gifted ballet dancer, when she landed her first dramatic stage role at age 12, it was immediately clear to her that she would be an actress.  Anne-Sophie pursued her new dream vigorously, completing programs at some of the best acting schools in Paris, Studio 34 and Les Cours Florent.  During her studies, she continued to perform, gaining valuable experience.

Anne-Sophie started her professional career landing several national commercials for companies such as Chanel No. 5 and NCSF – the French railway system.  She made her feature film debut in the award winning film ‘Comedy of Power’, starring Isabelle Huppert, one of the most famous and respected actresses in France, often compared to Meryl Streep in the U.S.  Her next role was equally impressive, this time in Isabelle Mergault’s ‘Enfin Veuve’ where she appeared alongside Michele Laroque.  It was during the filming of ‘Enfin Veuve’ that renowned film distributor and programmer Denis Chateau advised Anne-Sophie to move to the United States to further her career.  She followed his advice, and it has proven to be the right choice. She has worked on many impressive theater productions in the U.S., including, most notably, ‘The Rimers of Eldritch’ which featured Anne-Sophie playing and 80-year old woman, as well as Waiting for Lefty, directed by Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Milton Justice, as well as a modern adaptation of ’12 Angry Men’ simply entitled ‘12’ directed by May Quigley Goodman.

Anne-Sophie’s sultry beauty and sexy French accent makes her a powerful force on the stage and screen. With several films, including Present, The Absence, and Suit and Tie, all hitting the festival circuit in 2014, we are certain to see a lot more of this French beauty in the very near future.