Hollywood is calling Mariana Flores

Mariana Flores featured here in the music video "Meant to be" by Sam Tsui
Mariana Flores featured here in the music video “Meant to be” by Sam Tsui


Born and raised in the resort town of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Mariana Flores has always known that she was destined for greatness. From the time she could walk, Mariana lived to be on stage – singing, dancing, acting, playing the piano, and whatever else she could to get in front of an audience. As a young girl, Mariana would often go by herself to local theaters and watch plays, fascinated by the actors, the stories, and the craft.  She studied the performances and worked tirelessly to incorporate the best of what she learned into her own performances.After spending her childhood in the limelight, Mariana decided to relocate to Los Angeles to launch her international career.  She knew that Hollywood was the place to follow her dreams.


And her instinct did not fail her. Mariana quickly built up an impressive list of film credits.  She is the lead in the the comedy Special Delivery, which follows the stories of 2 pregnant women, And Then We Laughed, a tragic story of a mass panic that turns into mass suicide at a mental hospital, March 15, in which Mariana plays the matriarch of a family plagued by issues, and A Good Reason, where Mariana plays the young mother of a sick daughter who struggles to hold her family together when her husband leaves the country in search of better work opportunities. She also landed national commercials for Nestea and Pantene, and starred in Def Jam recording artist Jeremih’s video “You’re Mine”, Dell Best’s “The Trophy” and Sam Tsui’s “Meant to Be” which was made for the Disney Channel. She will also appear in the popular TV series DINKS, created by Jason Eksusian.


She also took to the stage, performing in Waiting for Lefty, written by Clifford Odets and directed by Oscar and Emmy Award winning producer and director Milton Justice. Next, Mariana played a juror in 12, a modern spin on 12 Angry Men, and most recently Mariana appeared in The Rimers of Eldritch by Lanford Wilson, which follows the reaction of the citizens of Eldritch, Missouri as they address the circumstances surrounding a shooting. We can also catch Mariana in the  upcoming film Lost Angeles directed and written by Stan Harrington opposite a cast that includes Amanda Dreschler, Oliver Pigott, Robert Pralgo, and David Marciano.


With several other films in development and a multitude of other creative endeavors, the sky is the limit for Mariana Flores!