The great Aussie stunt man and actor Bret Kennedy

Aussie stunt man Bret Kennedy
Aussie stunt man Bret Kennedy

Bret Kennedy is a famous Aussie actor and a highly professional stunt man. He is well known for his skills in martial arts, tumbling and fire burns.  After working a lot on the wire stuff he also learned acrobatics from a professional coach.

This Aussie stunt man was born and raised in a small suburban town in Australia. It was his growing passion for getting into this field that he got his first insight into the film industry when he did companionship with Jeff Pruitt who happened to be the stunt co-ordinator for Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series. He took guidance from his wife Sophia Crawford who was also a stuntie and was highly convinced to become a stuntman that even if it was a troublesome choice, he chose Queensland to pursue his profession further.

He prepared for about 4 years as a professional stuntman and was picked up as  S.A.P after the first year. Bret auditioned for a short film in 2005 which was named ‘’Neverworld’’. He was  selected in the first trial and got to fill the place for the lead role of Gabriel. The short film was awarded for best action shot in the New York International Filmfare Awards.

After making fellowship with the executive Greg Connors and producer Stuart Wall, the three went ahead to make an organization called Filmwerx77 that might see Bret in the part of Michaels,  a soldier of fortune attempting to get by in “The Dark Lurking” which is a movie released in the year 2009. The movie was highly appreciated because of the excellent performances by Bret Kennedy. Bret has also worked for Siingh is King which is a great Bollywood hit of 2008. His stunt performances were awe aspiring  received rave reviews. This is one Actor to keep your eyes on!