Jiin Jang Korean actress and performer

The beautiful Korean actress- Jiin Jang
The beautiful Korean actress- Jiin Jang

Jiin Jang is a South Korean actress based in London who is known for her excellent acting skills and dedication to her work. If you have seen the famous theatre play, ‘Vagina Monologues’, then you would instantly recognize Jang for her exceptional performance and her amazing delivery of dialogue. She is the kind of actress that speaks with her eyes and showcases such powerful and emotions that you would most likely be left in a state of awe. She leaves no stones unturned in constant quest mesmerizing and connecting with her audiences.

Originally from South Korea,  she enrolled in the BA Media Arts & Entertainment course in  Dongduk Women’s University. In 2003, she moved from the diverse fields of media arts and focused solely on  her acting.  This was followed by various acting courses and degrees at the Chichester College, the East 15 Acting School etc.. One of the most significant courses was  with the Butoh Dance Workshop from  Tokyo Space Dance with Tetsuro Fukuhara. Later she joined the Physical Theater Workshop with Marcin Rudy and the Acting Master Workshop by Howard Fine.

These courses  helped her in fine tuning her acting talents and becoming a great performer. The latest of her works include the Naoko Music Video and many wonderful plays like ‘Illyra’ and ‘Rape, Finally’. The Blue Beard Babes, The Vagina Monologues, Mouthful of Birds, TwilightNight, Macbeth, We Happy Few, and many other theatrical productions. Aside from this, she also worked in the famous American classic musical, ‘Grease’. She has also worked in many commercials and feature films along with the above productions she has worked in other feature films and commercial projects. Her experiences have been quite extensive and she has  always been able to deliver the best with every venture she challenges.

Multi talented, Jiin’s other talents include: Cabaret Dance, Cabaret Singing, Contemporary Dance, Choreography, Modern Dance, and singing Mezzo Soprano. Additionally, she has trained in the fields of Alexander Technique, Pilates and Martial Arts. With her wide range of experience and  skills, she has been able to make a mark in the theatrical circles reaching the highest level of professionalism in the art of her theater performances. Jiin is always able to do something spectacular that borderlines sensational, breathtaking moments of enjoyment,  tantalizing and quenching -the never ending thrist for more each time the lights cross the stage!!