The Russian ‘Audrey Hepburn’- Natalia Gorelova

Russian actress- Natalia Gorelova
Russian actress- Natalia Gorelova

Natalia Alexandrovna Gorelova was born to a Russian family, living in Khabarovsk, Russia. Her mother was a literature and Russian language teacher in a school and her father worked as a military officer. She was well known for her remarkable singing skills in childhood, and she used to be singled out as a talented singer at school. She was an exciting performer and her passion for performing arts grew over the yearsuntil she moved to New Zealand with her mother, a step father and a sister. It was difficult for Natalia to adjust to the new culture, settle in with new people and a new environment which suppressed her abilities.

The creative director of Pavement magazine spotted her in a music show and introduced her toa modeling agent who decided to give her a chance in modeling because of her charming personality and perfect figure. She began her modeling career by joining Nova Modeling Talent in 2001 and pursued her career in modeling which prospered over the years. Natalia established herself as a famous and well-reputed model, but during the process she rediscovered her hidden abilities and the passion she had for acting.

Natalia made her first appearance on television when she was cast in the campaign for an ice cream called Magnum, in 2004.The campaign aired throughout Australia and carved out a way for her career in acting as she was rapidly booked for many other commercials that appeared all over the world. She campaigned for many companies including Air New Zealand, Darbo Jam, Pizza Hut and Green Giant.

During an audition for a commercial she caught the eyes of a casting director who forwarded her resume to many of the top agents in New Zealand, who immediately contacted her to join the agency. She first starred in many short films including As Above So Below which screened at the Mill Valley Film Festival in 2012 which marked the completion of her tertiary degree.Natalia has built her acting and modeling career and is now living in Los Angeles working on two new projects that are due for completion in March and April.