Marianne Bourg’s Journey Across the World

Actress Marianne Bourg
Actress Marianne Bourg

It is the desire of many actresses, dancers, singers and stage performers to use their talent as vehicle for global exploration. However, Marianne Bourg was blessed with the best of both worlds since she had a budding acting career as a child and her parents could afford to fund her trips across the world. She was originally born in the beautiful country of Germany, but she left for Luxembourg when she was five years old.

Marianne graduated from high school with specializations in Literature and Foreign Languages. She then went off to study Business and Finance in France. It was not long after, Marianne decided to give back to the less fortunate of our world so she spent some time in Cambodia, working at a non profit organization. It was a humbling experience for the budding actress who developed appreciation for her daily comforts and respect for people from all walks of life.

Marianne now resides in Los Angeles where she completed her Masters in Fine Arts – Acting for Film Degree. She has been trained by some of the best American film personalities to include Suzanne Kent and George McGrath who helped her develop comedy and improvising skills, and Brenda Vaccaro and Kenneth Lerner who taught her the subtleties of Acting for Film.

Apart from acting, Marianne’s international travel experience fostered her development in athletics as she plays recreational Volleyball, Equestrian, Samurai Sword, Swimming, Tennis, Martial Arts, among others. While studying at acting school, she was given voice lessons that helped to develop her beautiful soprano voice. Among the languages that Marianne speaks fluently are German, Luxembourgish, French and Spanish but she has a very good British accent. It is impossible to share a dull moment with Marianne Bourg because she has an engaging and entertaining personality but most importantly she is a superb actress. 

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