Nigerian Actor- Ray Emodi conquering Hollywood!

Talented actor- Ray Emodi
Talented actor- Ray Emodi

Ray Emodi’s life began in Enugu, a southeastern providence of Nigeria, Africa. As the youngest of his siblings, Ray grew up alone while boarding schools took the rest of the fold abroad.  At a very young age he turned to music and movies.  His daily routine would be sitting and watching the cartoon characters as their zany antics would make him break out in uncontrollable bouts of laughter.  They became his friends and shared with him a secret place and world where the impossible was made possible in the fragile realities cast upon the silver screen.

With the looming promise of enlightenment and education he moved to Nottingham, England where eventually he received degrees in both International Strategic Enterprise and Business Management.  Yet, all the while, images of his younger years and the imaginary friends made along the way, kept a fire burning in his heart.  As a young child Ray knew where he belonged, and while he appreciated his education, with every cell and fiber within his body he believed that he was put on this earth to entertain through art.

While at school his passion for acting grew and he made his first three films. Realizing his passion was too much a part of him to relegate to a part-time endeavor, Ray dove in headfirst, demonstrating his acting chops by working in award-winning films and with award-winning people.  Ray not only held his own, but has shown that he has the skills to be among the best in the entertainment industry.  This is especially evident in his portrayal of a reclusive shut-in in award-winning director Omar Monge’s most recent film God’s Own Villa.  Not since such Oscar-winning performances of similarly challenged characters like Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump or Dustin Hoffman in Rainman has an actor made such a character so singularly unique and likeable to an audience as Ray Emodi does in God’s Own Villa.  In this film, Ray’s character has to face his phobia after years of self-imprisonment in order to connect with a woman he met online.  Ray’s performance is both touching and heart wrenching – truly masterful.

Ray chose to take on another challenging character, starring as Alpha, the evil boyfriend, in Dennis Hodge’s award-winning film A Daughter’s Dilemma.  In the film, Ray’s character lures the star, Marylyn, into his web of deceit, leaving her life at risk – to be rescued by the film’s hero, Marylyn’s step-father.

Ray has followed the path of other great film actors of today, like Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris, by wowing live audiences with his performances on the stage too.  In improv impresario Chris Berube’s play Happily Whatever After, Ray starred as the ‘Hunchman’ – garnering standing ovations from notoriously tough independent Hollywood theater audiences.  Not only that, but he also stars in the film Lies Hidden in the Truth,a complex ensemble piece in which Ray plays a hitman, which recently screened at Warner Bros. Studios, and was directed by renowned director Gilbert Shilton.

Currently, Ray has several full-length films in development and one short film slated for a film festival run.  Ray is living proof that if you hold steadfast to your dreams, anything is possible.