Tero Salenius Poised for Success

Actor- Tero Salenius
Actor- Tero Salenius

Tero Salenius has been actively involved in the entertainment industry for a number of years and each year he makes one step further to hone his craft to perfection. Tero, a native of Finland, knew he wanted to be an acting superstar from his early days in his home country.

He has been a key player in several Finnish productions to include television series, radio programs and television commercials. Unlike other actors, Tero’s experience in acting preceded his professional training and really his experience has shaped him into the fabulous actor he is today.

Tero is a versatile actor but his main focus is comedy since his natural Finnish accent is a joy to listen to whenever he hits the stage or stands to speak in front of a camera. Captivating his audience with his mild theatrics, Tero knows what to say and how to say it to ignite roars of laughter from the audience.

On the serious side of things, he is also a budding producer, director and editor. He has shot and edited a few short films and documentaries in a bid to widen his sphere of expertise in the entertainment industry. In this industry, it is all about making yourself into the true star and Tero capitalizes on all opportunities made available to him.

Tero’s most prominent feature films include The Marshal of Finland, So it Goes and Indebted. He has also made appearances in the popular television series, Lista Top 40 and Strada. Tero played the lead role for the Hartwall Leffakorkki commercial and a host of other product advertisements.

His biggest dream is to be one of the best actors that has ever graced the world’s stage. Tero Salenius is an all rounder actor. He is ready and rearing for success in the entertainment industry.