Australian Actress Sophia Davey continues to amaze audiences!

Australia's Sophia Davey!
Australia’s Sophia Davey!

Sophia Davey continues to amaze audiences, whether they are watching her work on the big screen or on the stage, because of the many talents that she possesses. It is her incredible acting that has made her such a popular actress for her fans as well as those professionals who have worked with her. She has made an impression on people that is lasting, and she continues to develop her career today. With the skill, multiple languages and accents, knowledge, education, and experience that she has to offer, it is not difficult to see why she continues to be a popular choice for productions.

She did not grow into the acting life, her father being a fisherman and mother an artist. She found a love for it while going to school in England. In school, she found that she has a passion for the stage and wanted to pursue that professionally. This is why she moved back to Australia, which is where she was originally born. She proved to have talent by being cast in a movie at just 17, something that many aspiring actors at that age cannot say. Of course, she did not say that she was good enough and continued on with very little effort.

Sophia continues to work on herself. She trained with some exceptional teachers in Australia, as well as some in the USA. She wants to make sure that she continues to strengthen her skills and that she does not lose a step, which is especially important considering the fact that she has two sons at home. This training is a constant thing that has increased greatly in recent years to include more intense classes as well as overall improvement of her acting ability. Living in New York allows her to find some fantastic teachers and give herself a huge boost in skill.

Of course, like most actors, she has worked on more than just acting. She has numerous other skills, like outback survival, guitar playing, dancing, and various sports, just to name a few things she understands and can do well. There is also the fact that she is bilingual, English and French, and can do multiple accents American, Australian, British, Spanish, and French. There is a large number of things that she is capable of doing that assist her in her work, giving her quite a bit of strength and making her a more capable actress overall.