Talented musician- Harry Thynne

Australian musician- Harry Thynne
Australian musician- Harry Thynne

Harry Thynne, an experienced drummer, vocalist, song-writer and producer, grew up East of Sydney, Australia. Born to a pianist mother and an attorney father, and surrounded by musical brothers, he began playing the drums at the age of 8. From the age of 18, Harry began playing and performing with numerous bands, which primarily focused on the punk and metal genres. His love for intense, fast music was formed.

Harry’s professional experience is varied: he has worked on projects ranging from musical theater performances, street performances, and live drum jams. These all helped him expand his style and improve his technique, and led to him forming WIM in 2007, with co-founders Simon Jankelson, Martin Solomon, Dustin Bookatz, and Saul Wodak. The band was wildly successful in Sydney’s Eastern music scene.

During a performance in 2009, they were noticed by a music industry insider, and the band was soon signed to Modular, a well-known Australian label. Australian tours and trips to Los Angeles to record the band’s WIM album were now on the horizon.

Since then, Harry and his band, WIM, have made progress in the US and the UK music markets. Harry has collaborated with acts such as Hero Fisher, SOG, Hector’s Ghost and Ambitious Fish. They have also played music festivals, and have even performed at the Sundance Film Festival – twice. In addition, Harry has done work with US artists Kurt Loader and Dean Landeau.

Most recently, Harry has begun work on various solo projects, specially a collection of solo recordings. In addition, he is working on helping aspiring drummers learn technique and other drumming skills through his work on his YouTube channel, where he has instructional drumming videos.